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's nutri-grain fruit crunch. love the morning. >>> a statue of rosa parks has now taken its place alongside other american icons in the capitol's statuary hall. president obama and john boehner took part. parks was arrested in 1955, after refusing to give up her bus seat to a white man. >>> and checking this morning's road conditions now. it's a wet morning commute for the major cities of the northeast. rain, also, in the northwest, creating problems in places like seattle and portland. most other places should be okay, though. >> if you're flying, airport delays are possible in the motor city, as well as beantown. >>> returning to our top story. pope benedict in the final hours of his papacy. the call for the cardinals to gather at the vatican doesn't go out until tomorrow. there's a live look at the vatican, by the way. >> it's uncharted territory for the modern church, as diana and i discussed earlier. >> it's unprecedented in so many ways. just the idea of a resignation. yes, it's happened in the past. but every time it's happened, with one possible exception, every time it's happened i
-mile visibility in novato and half a mile in santa rosa. elsewhere the visibility is less than yesterday so we wake up with more haze than yesterday morning. it is not a "spare the air" day. today, at the coast sunshine and above average temperatures. low-to-mid 60's at the coast and low-to-upper 60's around the bay and mid-to-upper 60's inland. >> we have reports of police activity on the upper deck of the bay bridge with possible lane closing and delays. to the golden gate bridge, two lanes in the southbound direction with no delays here and traffic is flowing nicely from marin county and areas of road work are westbound 92 the ramp to southbound 91 with road work until 5:00 a.m. and dumbarton bridge, road work until 5:00, and san jose area, south 85 from 101, road work there until 5:00 this morning. kristen and eric? >> there is breaking news from turkey where two people have been killed in a suicide bombing right in front of the u.s. embassy. these are pictures from turkish tv in the capital. there is is a hole at the entrance of the wall. one turkish tv station is reporting two security g
but it is dry. visibility is worse in the north bay. less than quarter-mile visibility in novato and santa rosa and everyone else is just showing haze. in the afternoon, we will see increasing sunshine and temperatures close to average at mid-to-upper 50's at the coast and upper 50's to low 60's for the bay and inland. sue? >> good morning, everyone, earlier at 3:00 this only we had a car hitting the ramp north 280 the ramp to 101 and ten minutes ago lanes were all cleared coming into san francisco. in san jose area a spinout at north 101 and eastbound 4, road work ongoing there until 1:00 o'clock this afternoon. kristen and eric? >> 4:29. what can we do but look forward to next season, that is what the 49ers and fans are doing after they nearly mounted the greatest come back in super bowl history. the ravens went up on the niners 28-6 and jones up the middle 108 yards forked touchdown tying an all time nfl record right before the power outage, 34 minutes. but the niners came roaring back with three chances to score from the five-yard line and kaepernick could not connect but scored that touchd
rosa to cloverdale. that is where we will have light rain the next hour. you can see it is very scattered. there is not much falling. there is enough to cause the commute to be slick up there. it is mostly moving west to east. it will stay in the north bay for the next couple of hours. the rest of us get our rain after the commute with scattered showers possibility later today. >> the golden gate bridge shows northbound road work, rather, the northern portion of the span. southbound is the road work up the waldo grade down to one lane through the tunnel and the span. it then opens up and later this morning it will be four lanes. traffic is clear. there are no problems. westbound out of antioch good and from 980 to 16th embarcardero has a road work until 5:00 this morning. >> showers today and winter tides return to the bay area. we have new concerns on the road and the bay and the coast. amy is live in sausalito. amy? >> the coast guard is issuing warnings with the change in our weather meaning there will be a change on the water. they want everyone to remember: it and great to
especially the north bay area with half a mile in santa rosa and less than a quarter of a mile in novato and half mile at half moon bay. it is shallow, though, so expect sunshine. today is the warmest days in the forecast, low-to-mid 60's the scene coast and mid-60's to near extend for the bay and inland. >> happy thursday. coming in from marin, no fog there but the scene southern portion of the golden gate bridge you can see the headlights headed south the fog settles on the toll plaza side. in san francisco there is patchy fog, as well, but it is not limiting the visibility that far but there is road work the scene northern part of the bay bridge. north 85 ramp to northbound 280 is closed because of construction until 5:00 this morning in the cupertino area, and san jose, north 280 to north 880 that ramp is closed for 30 more minutes. road work eastbound dumbarton bridge until 6:00 this morning we have a fog advisory for the bay bridge and heavy fog on the peninsula from 280 to 92 the western portion toward half moon bay. >> the athlete who made history as a first double amputee to run
but santa rosa, a little bit of fog and 1. 75 mile visibility. today, we will have a record or two that may fall with another warm day. the coast will be calm. mid-to-upper 60's. surging warmth around the bay and inland. for the bay 68 to 73, inland will hit 68 to 74 degrees this afternoon. touch of screen in the forecast. >> pretty light, this friday morning, some road work and i will show you 80 westbound, the right lane in the westbound direction of the east shore freeway is blocked off until 5:00 this morning with road work,
on live doppler 7 hd. we will talk about the temperatures. we are freezing cold in santa rosa and nap and 31 and 30 there and 34 in concord and 34 in livermore with frost likely. 41 in oakland and san carlos. in the afternoon, sunny with temperatures topping out at 54 to 60. this evening we cool quickly in the low-to-mid 40's. sue? >> the golden gate bridge has road work on the northern portion of the span coming off the waldo grade and you are down to one lane in the pickup process. in los altos hills an accident southbound 280 blocking the left lane. crews are there trying to get that out. snow and ice on mount hamilton so mount hamilton road is closed to the observatory. >> san francisco intersection is flooded and neighbors are waking up without power or, rather, water, as they contain a water main break. amy hollyfield is live on the scene. >> it is a mess. although it is early i have commute information. look at this intersection. guess what is under that? the cable car line. it is early but officials decided to cancel the cable cars through this area for the morning commute and
and concord is, too. 36 at half moon bay. 41 in mountain view and santa rosa. in the afternoon, mostly sunny today. temperatures are running from the 30's and 40's this morning to the 50's and 60's during the afternoon hours. the 50's would be at the coast. we will see quick cooling in the evening. temperatures in the 40's to near 50 degrees. hope you enjoyed the weather. sue? >> so far, so good. if you are traveling from marin county, southbound, 101, there is light traffic on the golden gate bridge but the crews are ready to reconfigure the morning commute and you can see by the flashing caution sign there is road work on the north portion of the span and that will be picked up between 5:00 and 5:30. elsewhere we have road work east 580 from greenville to north flynn in three lanes until 11:00 this morning, and westbound drive is looking good, a little bit slowing from the central valley but so far, so good. we have closures here, fremont on ramp to northbound 85 in the sunnyvale area closed until 6:00, also, because of road work. >> developing news, the coast guard continued to search for
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8